Saturday, August 31, 2013

Almost back to school and WIP

On thursday we went to the school to see in what class the kids would be, Always an exciting moment, will they be with friends or not and which teacher will they have? But all kids are in fun class with their friends, so they were happy. Mum is a bit less happy, because we also got the books with us, to wrap ythem in proective paper and adhesive plastic. A fun thing to do, so after we did some groceries at the farmers market in Antwerp, I wrapped all their books.
And I also prepared my school stuff, both for my French lessons as for uni.

And because I havent been posting about my WIP, here it is, well one of many... I will show pictures when it is finished.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Family weekend

We had our family weekend last weekend. We spent a weekend together with the cousins and their kids. we spent it at some recreation park, called the weerterbergen.
We didnt have luck with the weather as it rained two days, but they had a lot of indoor activities, like bowling, glow in the dark golf, a tropical swimmingpool and all sorts of activites, so we had a reat time and it was fun talking to each other.

The ice cream pictures were taken on Friday when the sun was shining.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Back home

We are back home after a wonderful holiday. Corfu was nice, very hot, but worthwhile visting. We had a nice breakfast and then the kids couldnt wait to see their other grandparents.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Last day in Corfu

So we went to Corfu town with the kids and they saw these fish spas, so we did one with the whole family. We got a private room with these fish tanks and after wahsing our feet, we could put them in the tanks and the fish started nibbeling. I must admit, it is very relaxing, I dont  know what the fish do.... but it feels nice.

Today we visited Aqualand... and the kids loved it. It was very hot, around 43 degrees at midday, but as we were in the shade and with all the water, it was OK.
As DH has an earinfection and cant swim, I had to take the kids in all the slides, and other stuff and mum had to show how is boss, so I went into the  Free Fall, a slide with a 14 m free drop... I did it, it was fun and in the eyes of the boys I am invincible... LOL. And I will enjoy it while it last.

We had a great day, DH and I went into Corfu town tonight to have a last greek coffee as tomorrow we fly back home.

Saturday, August 10, 2013


 Today we sailed to a little Island not far from the marina as they expected more wind today.
The boys swam to the Island with all the empty plastic water bottles they have been collecting over the last days and they scavenged the Island for driftwood but found something better, a pallet.
They then spent some time duct taping everything together and made themselves a raft.

And this is the result, they spent the rest of the afternoon waterskiing on their raft.
But around 15.00, the weather turned and the wind picted up, so it was a bit rougher to get back to the marina, but we made it, even after having to turn because a peddle of our dingy went overboard. But we managed to pick it up despite the wind and the waves.
UPDATE - it started raining around 19.00, but you could walk between the raindrops as they barely reached the ground :-)

What has been going on?

As you can see, son #3 lost his first tooth.

We saw Dolphins swimming with us. We also saw them jump around the boat, but I didnt manage to capture it on camera... To bad, but you can see the dorsal fin.

And all we have been doing, is swimming, swimming around some small Island, swimming in the pool, swimiing in the sea... we did a LOT of swimming...
The food is great, the coffee is even better, so we are having a great time.

Monday, August 05, 2013

Greece - Updated

Ok, it seems  that it is more difficult than I thought to update your blog when you are in Greece. so I haven't managed to upload pictures yet. I will try again tomorrow as it is getting late.

OK, so we sorted out how we get a decent connection. We bought some broadband so know we can connect to the net :-)