Sunday, September 28, 2014


Son #2 and 3 had a birthday party in the city of Antwerp, so we decided to visit the MAS, a museaum where they have brought several collections together. I must say it was spectacular to go to the roof and see the city from another angle. There was also a stand where you could write a message and place it in a glass bottle and if you left one, you take another onwe with you, so we are anxious to see what someone else wrote...
We finished our visit with some mussels with french fries which we bought from a local charity that was having a fundraiser.  Great idea, great mussels.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Today - one year ago

Today, one year ago, I was standing on top of the Empire State Building. Wish I was there again... Sigh...

Saturday, September 20, 2014


Oh yeah, on wednesday son #2 had his cast taken off and on Friday night we are back in the ER...
Playing soccer, he kicked against a concrete border instead of the ball and his toe was black and blue and he had three lacerations on his foot...
So, we spent the whole friday evening in the ER waiting rooms, waiting to been seen by a nurse, waiting for X-rays, waiting to be seen by a doctor...
= a bad sprain of his toe and foot, the three lacerations and two weeks no sports...

Thursday, September 11, 2014


Fire Fighter training, yes, on tuesday and today, tomorrow first aid, Ihave my refreshers this week, so I am all set again. Had a great time, had a great time, quite some laughs and good teacher who.

And at th end, we are still laughing, so it was a good training day. And no, we didnt loose the other, they were still inside the building battling the backdraft exercise.

Monday, September 01, 2014

First day of school

Ah, this morning it was D-day. The end of summer holiday and the first day of school.

And son #2 got his good cast, in fluo yellow...

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Last weekend before thenew schoolyear

As it was the last weekend before the schoolyear, DH and I took friday off that spend a last weekend with the kids. On friday monring we left for Aachen in Germany, were we spent the day.

The sun wasnt always shining but it was warm, so we had a nice day. We had a wedding the next day just across the border in Holland, so we stayed in a hotel in the village where the wedding party took place.

The next morning we had some time over before the wedding, so we took the kids to a local museum, which said in the brochure that it was about the local customs, mining activities, etc.

But once we entered the museum (which was free admission), it turned out to be a kids museum where they had all sorts of activities for kids. It is called Continium. There is also a kis laboratory, where they can make all sort of stuff, like:

A solar powered fan

a roman catapult

 A dino house

So it turned out that we didn t see much of the mueum, as we had to leave to go to the wedding.
I couldnt resist this picture of my cousins mustache tatoo...

Great wedding, fun party and a the end, we spent today in the museum as well. As the admission was still free, we looked through all the exhibitions and the kids, made a car that drives itself, some hairgell, shampoo, and a rocket launcher... So we really had a great weekend.

Friday, August 22, 2014

TGIF, I think not

Well, no TGIF for son #2. He broke his wrist earlier this afternoon. I was called at work to please and come pick him up as he had a nasty fall and they thought he needed to go to hospital, so I left work immediately and drove up to the Speelpleinen and found him sleeping and really looking pale. As he is not a complainer, I took him to the ER, where the nurse said that it was probably nothing, so I asked if the doctor could have a look at it and he send us for x-rays. And yep, he broke his wrist, so 6 weeks in a cast... great way to start the new schoolyear...