Monday, July 30, 2012

e-book cover

I bought an e-book for DH, but there was no cover with it. So I made one for him, but he wanted it in teh colors of his company and the logo as well, men... But OK, I made it for him and he immediately used it, so it must be to his liking.

At the beach

Today son#3 went to visit my PIL, but as they were at the Olympic Games, he spent the day at my BIL family. They took the two boys to the beach, and as you can see, they liked it.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Jeans bag

I started on a jeans bag. I have tons of jeans (given to me or our own old ones). I collect them because I wanted to make a jeans quilt for the boys. Now years later, I have a heap of jeans, but still no quilt. So I saw this great bag on craftrecycling. So I will make an attempt to make one of my own.
And as you can see, the chicks are not small anymore and very curious, they must be hens...

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Our last au pair gave son #3 this water slide as a birthday present, so today it was 30°C and the perfect moment to get the slide out. The boys had a blast, as you can see.

And a last glimps of our hedgehog, it turns out it is a male. We picked the ticks as much as we could, gave it more food and then we set it free. We walked to a small forest close by and we let it go in the bushes with some more food.

Have a good life, little fellow!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Unexpected visitor

Tonight, while we were sitting outside, this little fellow walked through our garden. I picked it up to show to the boys, but saw it was infested with ticks. As we rescued a baby hedgehog before, we still have the tick removers that I bought from the vet I brought it to.

As you can see, removing ticks from a hedgehog is not an easy task. We removed I guess 20 or so, but there are still a couple I want to remove before setting him free again. I cleared his back and his face, but there are still some on his ears and on his feed. But as he was getting fed up, I stopped, but him in a box with hay, water and some cat food.

As you can see, he was all exhausted after the treatment... But I guess he is now resting and eating and tomorrow we will let him go again.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Day at the beach

Today they forcasted a beautiful day, 22°C but no wind, so DH said we would go to the beach, we packed up the kids this morning and left for Zeeland in The Netherlands, it is just an hour and a half, so not that far. We were one of the first at the beach and found a nice spot.

The boys played in the sand and I had time to crochet a bit.

The boys were busy all day, running in the dunes and jumping off them, playing in the water, building sand castles...

This was their bucket with seagoodies. they caught shrimps, little crabs, one really big one, that pinched me as I caught it by hand, and couldnt get it right the first time, some fish, oysters and other clamps.

And as you can see, even a tiny starfish...

The oysters we ate and they were tasty... A day well spent, even if we got sunburned... It was the first sun this summer.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Granny square

Yesterday I found some cheap cotton, so I bought some and I was wondering what to make. So I tried this granny square, and I like it, so I will male some more and see what happens, a pillow or a afghan...
Today was the first day we had some descend weather. We had to pick up our car near the beach and the weather was so good that we decided to go again tomorrow with the boys. Hopefully we have a nice quiet sunny day. I already packed the picknick stuff.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Gifts from Berlin

My parents visited our previous au pair in Berlin and it looks like they had a good time. M and S also look good and happy.
 They gave my parents the grand tour and I am thankful for that.

My parents brought a present from them with them from son #3. He really likes it and I hope he can use it soon as it is a water slide. The water slide will work as it rains and rains, but I guess that is not what it is intended for...
We also got some goodies, as you can see, thank you very much M and S.We will enjoy all of it.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Baby chicks

Son #1 has been asking for months now to get some baby chicks, but for some reason we couldnt find any. Not even with easter, when here in belgium it is somewhat of a tradition that children get baby chicks.
But this morning when we visited the farmers market in Herentals, we saw some chicks, so we both two, the with one, will turn into an ordinary brown chicken I guess and the black one is a Mechelse Koekoek.

So now we are sitting in the happy ckuck ckuck of the two baby chicks... To be continued.

cleaning up

Yesterday, DH was cleaning up the office, so I decided to clean up my craft stash... I started with my crochet yarn. They were all over the place and now they are all in one cupboard. It struck me how many grey s I have...
Then the fabrics, I also divided them in colors, so now when I need blues, I can find them... So I guess a day well spent.

Friday, July 13, 2012


I finished my crocheted handbag. I made it to use up all my left over yarn from my hexagon afghan. Made a rose to decorate and I am not sure if I should make some more and add them?
I hope we will get a bit better weather over here, because until now it has been terrible, cold, rain, it feels like autumn...

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Son #3 turns 4

Son #3 will turn 4 on Monday, so we celebrated his birthday today. Our regular baker was on holiday so we tried another one, but we must admit, he made a wonderful birthday cake.

He is wearing his helmet because he got a Thomas the engine scooter for his birthday. He loved all the attention and the presents offcourse.

And he wanted Thomas face ...

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Boys and their toys

 As the summerholiday started, son #1 and #3 went to my PIL to spent a week at their sailboat. And as you can see, no worries that they are bored. We say a lot of crabs and my FIL got some special crab fishing devices, so the boys are gaving a great time.

As far as I can see, son #3 caught some jellyfish instead of crabs, but hey... in some countrie sthat is considered a delicasse.