Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Trip to France

Last Thursday we drove to Dun-Le-Palestel, just above Limoges in France. We left at 6:30 and we arrived around 11 in Orlèans where we stopped for a cup of coffee. We had a cup of coffee fo which we paid 8 euros! (4 euros per cup).
I have never seen so many shoe stores as in Orlèans. My DH saw some boots for me that he liked, and I also liked them so I bought them. I also came across an Accessorize shop (, I really love their stuff, but it is quite expensive. So I didn´t buy anything. A great French brand is Pylones ( they sell the funniest and nice looking stuff.
We arrived in Dun-le-Palestel around 15:00 where we were welcomed by a lovely English couple named Vic and Penny. They are lovely people that live in the centre of Dun-Le-Palestel.
Vic got our antique cupboard, which we got as a present from my aunt, out of his barn. And we were invited to stay for diner, where we had a lovely French meal with cheese at the end.
We stayed the night at the local hotel ( And had breakfast the next day at Vic and Penny´s. After breakfast we drove back home.
It took us three hours longer since there was a big problem with floodings on the highway in Gent and Antwerp.

Sunday, August 27, 2006


Nic helped me make chocolate chip cookies. Helas, I didn´t take them out of the oven soon enough, so they are a bit ´very brown´. But Dad will like them anyway.

While visiting Germany, we had a cup of coffee in a local cafe which did a lot for SOS kinderdorpen (
The lady made woolen quilts which she sold for this charity so I couldn´t resist. The blanket now has a new home on our couch.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


This gorgeous T-shirt is made for a craft contest. Isn´t it wonderful, I would like to buy it, but the T-shirt is a medium, and … well… need I say more. Medium is not my size. But if it were a XL…
The maker´s website is She has really great stuff for sale. I especially like her vintage quilt tote bags.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Back from Germany

We just returned from Germany, where we spent some days with my family. We stayed in a nice German family hotel with great food!
We visited some local viillages and a leisure park, so Nic also had a great time.
This Mail art is the latest I made. I also finished a new stuffy which I can not show at this time since it is for a swap and at the moment on it´s way to his new owner.

Saturday, August 12, 2006


I haven´t written this last week, because have been performing a safety study in Feluy, between Brussels and Charleroi. It takes me one hour and twenty minutes to get there. We work approx. 10 to 11 hours and then back home, so there is not much time to do anything else.
Today our holiday starts, Niels has 2 weeks off and I one week. We will be leaving for the coast this afternoon, but if the weather stays as bad as it is now, we will come back on Monday and stay at home, here we have all the facilities we need. On Friday we leave for Germany.
Hopefully I have time to do some crafts because I have a lot of swaps coming up in September.

Saturday, August 05, 2006


I just finished the top of my latest babyquilt. It is made out of traded white fabrics and contains also parts of wedding dresses. Which makes it even more special, I think.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Felt food

Look at what this lady makes. I can´t read Japanse, which I guess the signs are, but this site is too cool.
I would love these cakes:
I know now what I am going to try to make, these adorable cookies, aren´t they just the cutest?