Saturday, May 30, 2009

You may kiss the bride...

Tomorrow I have a bachelor party and they asked met to make something so that anyone can see who the lucky girl is. And since I had a very busy week at work, I kept it simply, but I think you can´t overlook who the bachelorette is... Do you?

That reminded me that I forgot our 7th wedding anniversary this week... I rest my case, I had a very busy week and so did hubbie, hence, we did nothing, not even go out to diner. Oh well, next time better.
Today son #1 passed another swimclass (Congrats!), so next week we can sleep in because he is in a higher class that starts at 10.00. That is a relief until son #2 starts his lessons in September at 8.30... then we spent all our Saturday morning in the pool...
Afterwards we drove to Katwijk in Holland to visit friends that celebrated their little girls First birthday, then we had something for lunch with other friends and their two girls and then we all went to the next birthday of a big boy that turned three. He celebrated his birthday on teh beach, so that was great fun for all the kids and their parents.
We cut the birthday festivities short since son #3 is teething and he was enoyable, do I need to say more?

Sunday, May 24, 2009

It´s a girl!

The Zoo of Antwerp is very proud of the birth of a little elephant. It is a girl and she is called Kai-Mook, what means ´pearl´ the same as my name, Margy.
She is the forth baby of her mother but they were all still-born, so this is very special. And this morning we went to visit the little baby. Since we have a year-pass we are allowed in an hour before opening, so it was still very quiet when we walked through teh park and you can see the animals getting fed.
We had to wait about 30 minutes before the doors were opened of the elephant enclosure, but this little baby was worth it, she is gorgeous and tiny.
Afterwards, we got ´suikerbonen´ which are traditional chocolate birth candies that are given here in Belgium when you visit a baby. It is nice to see that she is doing well and luckily it is a girl or otherwise she would have to move to another zoo with more space. Because they don´t have males in Antwerp since the zoo is rather small since it is a very old zoo.

First drop for the Toy Society

Yes, I joined the Toy Society and made my first drop. I made a happy monster, gave it a tag and letter and off he went. I know, I am belgian and he was made in Belgium, but theis weekend we were in Rijnsburg, Holland, so I chose to drop him near the sea, since my husband comes from this part of Holland.
I dropped him in Katwijk, as you can see from the church in the background and he was left at a pole near the beach.
When I came back to check on him, he was gone, so I hope he found a good home.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cars Quilt

Long overdue, I finished son #2 's Cars quilt. I started it during my maternity leaver and somehow it ended up my WIP pile. But it did finish it and he loves it. The front is made from cotton handkerchiefs that they sold in a local discount store and the back is a panel and some chequered fabric I bought on internet. This way he can use the back side to play with his cars.

So now son #1 wants a Spiderman quilt. And since I have never seen spiderman fabric overhere, I will have to take a look on the internet. Does anyone have ideas?

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Frog quilt finished

The frog quilt I was making for son #1´s teacher is finished. I finished the binding and I only have to attach the label at the back. But I will make a nice label since I have time enough. It will be his farewell gift at the end of the year for his teacher. I hope she likes it.
But I am sure she does, since she collects all sorts of frog items. The fabrics have been bought from etsy or given to me and even one was won in the great stash giveaway. Thanks again for that one. Here is a picture of teh fabrics more in detail.
The weather over here is very poor. Rain and wind, so indoor time. The kids are playing with the Wii together with DH and I will start on the binding of son #2´s Cars quilt. I have already attached it on the front so I will hand sew it to the back. When it is dry and son #3 wakes up, we will have a stroll through the park to get some fresh air.
And we are all looking foward to the short week next week, since thursday is a official holiday and DH and I are also off on Friday, so we will have a really long weekend.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother´s day

Yesterday we celebrated Mother´s day, although the official version here in Antwerp is in August, the kids brought home these wonderful gifts they made in school. Son #1 made a car with a lavender bag inside, for in my car and son #2 made a small cresson plant in a flower shape. I aslo got three wonderful pink rozes, for each of my pirates. EDIT: many people ask me where the pirated coats come from, they are Playama´s.
The sign says it all, 'my' motto. My mum got me this sign and I have to hang it in my kitchen, this is so true for our household, LOL.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Doll quilt

I saw this wonderful doll quilt/duvet on etsy How to. The example is a duvet, but I made it a little quilt. The sleeping animals are just so cute and peaceful.
Now I only have to find a little girl that needs a doll quilt, since my boys think this is to pink, I will make them one with a crocodile...

Saturday, May 02, 2009


My boss and his wife got a baby girl and I wanted to make something really girly, so what says more ´girl´ than pink, tulle and bling bling. So I decided to make their little girl a tutu onsie.
On thursdaynight Hubbie and I went out, since all kids stayed at my parents and when I pasted a fabric/notions store, I jumped in quickly and found what I was looking for. So this is the result. I think it looks very cutsie and I hope they like it to. This is the girliest I know, since I live in a male household, LOL.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Japanese magazines

A friend of my mum visited Japan and she bought me these gorgeous magazines. They are just wonderful. I can´t understand why they have such lovely magazines in japan and not overhere? These Japanese ladies must be very crafty to see the beautiful work, quilt, espcially the bags they make. I will make myself a cup of coffee and sit down in the sun and dream that I have the time to make all these wonderful projects. Thank you very much Marie-Louise.