Friday, March 28, 2008


Today I am making a babyquilt with greens and pinks. I really like the color scheme, although this is not of my best pictures I admit. Which brings me to another thing I want: a new digital camera. Mine is still 4.1 MP, which is not the best reolution, so I really would like a new one, I will have to get informed on what is on the market.
When I finish the quilt, I will post some (hopefully) better pictures.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Peter = 2 years

Today Peter turned two years old. As you can she, his daycare mum made him a beutiful big crown, which he refused to wear, so that is why I took a picture of only his crown.

I made little ´bug´ shaped cupcakes which the other kids liked. And as you can see, Peter likes the attention he gets from the other kids.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter + snow ???

OK, so I had a great idea. Yesterday morning, the sun was shining so I thought it would be a great idea to go to the Blijdorp, the zoo in Rotterdam, Holland. When we arrived the sun was shining but it looked like rain.

So we took a little train that brought us to the other side of the zoo and by the time we got out, it started snowing a little. We decided to visit the reptile house first since it was inside. By the time we got outside, well let the pictures speak for itself:

So this was the Easter weekend here in this part of the world. Nic was happy to see this spider´elephant´ since he is a big fan of spiderman, even though he has never seen the movie. But Spider man is cool... according to my 4-year old.

Tea cosy arrived !

This package was waiting for me when I arrived home last thursday. I could write about it sooner, since we had a power failure during the night of thursday to friday and our modem burned through. So we are still waiting for a new one. So we have no internet since friday morning.
When I opened this nice package it was the tea cosy I ordered from Dutch Sisters. So it was in time to be placed on our Easter breakfast table. Isn´t the cosy great. It looks wonderful with my pink china.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I made this little lady for a Matroyshka magnet swap on swap-bot. I haven´t finished her quite yet, and I first have to figure out where I can buy a small magnet... But I will do so next friday, when I have more time.

And these two ladies also found a home her in Schilde. I purchased them from Sew sew suck ur toe. The larger of the two ladies is quite big, I guess about 22 cm and she has her little girl nice and comfy in her apron-like skirt.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Quilt giveaway

Would you like to win this quilt? Go to, Dana is giving away this gorgeous quilt.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Nic´s birthday

Today Nic turned 4. Yesterday night I made this Beehive cake with my WS cakepan. I think it turned out petty well. I made it so Nic could take it with him to school to celebrate his birthday in class.

And as far as I can see it, they enjoyed the cake, because nothing came back and it was a 1 kg cake...
As you also can see, the kids wear uniforms to school here.

When Nic came back from school we also had some pastery ready to celebrate his birthday at home, including the 4 candles which he blew out in one go. good for you Nic. And to top off the day, he and his brother are now spending the night at bomma and bompa (my parents).

Sunday, March 02, 2008


DH arrived back home on Saturday after spending some time working in Ghana (Africa). SO this relieved a bit of the pressure of taking care of the two boys of me. They are sweethearts, but can be very demanding in the attention (read MY attention) area.

So today I could make the two presents I wanted to. Two girls in Nic´s class are having birthdayparties, so I made them these little handbags.

I hope they like pinks, but most girls do, so we´ll see on wednesday. I only have to finish the lining, will probably do that tomorrow evening. I don´t feel like it at the moment.

I also was awarded a partner for the Spring quilt swap, so I must start thinking colors and theme. Oh well, I have some time left.