Friday, June 27, 2014

Last day of school

Last day of school: as you can see, they were happy and she should. Their report cards were very good, so they had every reason to be proud of their achievement and they have earned a nice holiday.
I heard that the school gave them all an ice cream so they really celebrated the last day of school. It was Rubens last day in kindergarden... Another milestone achieved!
Tonight, I also got my diploma for my evening course French.
 We all can be proud of ourselves.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Cake cones

Yesterday, son #2 was taken to the bike shop by his godmother. She and his godfather were bying him a bicycle for his Lentefeest (communion for lapsed Catholics) :-)
He chose a white mountain bike typed bike, really nice and he was soooo happy. When we arrived home, he jumped on it to have a go with is brothers, only to return crying :-), he apparently fell off the bike... But he went back on it and biked until it was 9.30 pm and he had to go to bed. great success, thank you very much.

Tomorrow, son # 3 will celebrate his birthday in his class, because he has his birthday in July and school is already out, so tomorrow is his day at school.
He wanted cake cones, so I did my best, I guess they turned out alright...

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


We are ready... Let the game begin...
The kids were allowed to show that they are cheering for Belgium. So over the uniform, they were allowed so show how Belgian they are...
I guess, if we are all this engaged, we must win...

GOOOOOOO ... Belgium!

Updated: son #1 was on the local news: link

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


 As you can see we had a busy but lazy weekend. On Sunday we had a big party at friends. They had all sorts of entertainment for the kids and even someone that did mak-up, well as you can see, they are ready for the World Championship Soccer... DH was very proud...

Yesterday we spent the day at the beach. The weather was not great, but OK, it was warm, but not very... But we stayed at the beach, even if it was cloudy.

When we decided it was enough, we left the beach, and he moment we arrived at the car, it started raining.
The boys were done for:

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Premiere How to train your dragon 2

This morning was the premiere of How to train your dragon 2 in Antwerp, and they predicted so so weather last week, so I bought tickets. It turned out that the weather is great, but OK, we had to be in the cinema at 9.30, so that was early... There were some VIP´s, I guess the actors that did the voices in Flemish???
OK, we didn´t wait for them, so we just went to see the movie. Fn movies, a bit scarry for son #3, but fun to watch.