Monday, June 29, 2009

Last day of school

Tomorrow is the last day of school, so it is time to finish the gifts for the teachers. Because of my business trip to Spain, a lot of time slipped through my fingers but I managed to get everything ready in time.
This is the label for the frog quilt for juf Hilde, son#1´s teacher. It was my first attempt on printing on fabric and I am impressed.
And this is the Frog quilt I made her since she is teacher in the ´frog´ class.
Next is son #2´ teacher, who teaches the chicken class, hence the chicken. The label is a drawing son #2 made for an international contest. The drawing is on the internet, so I got it overthere and printed in on fabric. Son #2 recognized his drawing immediatly, so he liked it.
I think I made some nice gifts for their teachers because I want to thank them very much for taking very good care of my sons, the both love their teachers and the goodbye tomorrow will be very hard.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


A friend of mine got married yesterday and we were invited to the party which was held in a small village near Brussels La Hulpe and this is a picture of teh chateau were the party was held.
This is a very nice location and even Hubbie made plans to have our weddinganniversy in this place.
The weddingcake was delicious and the people great, so we had a great time. But we had to drag our butt out of bed because it is to time to pick up the kids...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Men and shopping...

OK, this is what DH came home with yesterday. I told him in the morning that we neede to buy a new ironmachine, but he went to the store with the boys and bought this ironing central... This is what you get when men shop.
The ironing board can blow air or pull the board vacuum for better ironing results. OK, sure, I will give it a try I guess.
It is so heavy that I can barely lift the thing, but as you can see it has wheels...

Belated post

Summer is here! Last weekend we went to the Valkenier, after I arrived back from Spain. OK, the weather was not so good then, but warm enough to walk around in a T-shirt. The boys took advantage of the situation and asked for all kinds of sweets, which is OK by me, if it is occasionally. The theme park is great fun for kids between 3 and 10 I guess.

On Sunday when I wanted to iron, the ironmachine died on me... not good with 5 people in the household.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


OK, I am in Castello, Spain, a town near Valencia for my work. I come out of the hotel and what is there in front of me? A quilt shop…. Need I say more…
Unfortunately only few Spanish people speak English, so that makes shopping a bit tricky. But my Spanish is improving since I could pay the backer with the right amount just by hearing the amount. I am very proud of myself, LOL.
Life here in Spain is so different from where I live… People take time to have lunch and coffee breaks. Tonight we will go to the beach to have a typical Spanish diner, so I am looking forward to that. One more big difference is the time they have diner here, the hotel starts serving diner at 9.00 pm… I normally go to bed at 10.00 pm, so that asks for a bit of adaptation, but I´ll live, LOL.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Coffee swap

This morning my neighbour brought me this package... It is for the coffee swap I did with Marieke.
She gave some lovely gifts and I especially like the handmade buttons and magnets and the little fabric bag, I will put to good use. Thank you very much Marieke.
Hubbie and the kids were already looking at the chocolates, so I think I will have to defend them or take them with me to Spain. Oh well, I will share them with my family. I think it is too hot in Spain anyway.
The weather here is terrible at the moment, it is pouring, so not much fun for the kids. But great weather to quilt...

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Found !

We are back from our trip to Centerparcs and I found out that my toy for the toysociety is found. He now lives in Germany. Great news, thanks for letting me know.

We had a relaxed week with a lot of swimming and even more rain, so that was not so enjoyable, but OK. And guess what, the sun started shining the day we left.... Talking about Karma.

My boss let me know that I have to work in Valencia, Spain this coming week, so I will probably place a post from sunny Spain next week.

I also saw that my coffee swap package arrived at Marieke, so that is also great news.

Monday, June 08, 2009

We're off...

Yesterday, the boys had a big school party. This is done to show what the kids have learned the past year and to get some cash into the till of the school. Unfortunatly the weather was terrible and it poored, but the kids did their song and dance in the rain. I was surprised that my camera could get so wet and still function. So this is the result: son #1 in his frog costume and son # 2 as a clown with his little green hat.
At the moment hubbie is loading the kids into the car and we are off for some days well earned free time.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Coffee swap

This package is on its way to Marieke. I hope she likes the things I made for her and I now realise that I didn´t make a picture of the stuff inside and that I forgot my letter. So Marieke, if you read this, I will mail you and can you please make a picture?


Today we had a public holiday, so we spent the time useful, this morning hubbie, my father and the kids stacked all the wood my dad collected in the wood shed for the winter.
I on teh other hand spent my time experimenting with Fimo clay. This is the result: some cakes and pies and a red and white cup of coffee for my coffee swap. I also backed some real cupcakes for a friend we visited this afteroon.