Sunday, April 18, 2010

Teddy Bear Hospital

Yesterday we went to Teddy Bear Hospital. It was organised by UZA (Local hopsital) and their medical students, so kids could learn how things go in a hopsital. They could bring their stuffed animal and tell the doctors what was wrong and then appropriate action was taken. son #2´s bear had a ski accident and after taking X-rays, it turned out to be a broken leg. SO it needed surgical attention and here is my son looking at the X-rays before surgery.
I think it was a very nice idea and well organised, chapeau for the students! And I hope this becomes an annual event.
So here is bear recoverying from surgery on our couch with his own little quilt. I can say they he is doing well, thanks to son#2 and the doctors of UZA.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I have been away form the computer for a long time, it has been a bit busy at work and when I can finally sit down, I like to crochet a bit and go to bed... I know, borring.
I both this cake stand for myself Saturday, so I neede to put something in there and luckily, my mum made wafels, so... here they are, well, were because the kids, and offcourse DH and I had our go at them. They were delicious.
And this bunch was waiting for me when I came home last night and wanted to sit on the couch... All the stuffed animals of the three boys. As you may know or not, son #3 has a crocodile, but we lost the one we took to Spain, so we were in Spain with no crocodile, so we went to a store and placed son #3 for the stuffed animals and he grabbed the green bunny, so since then, next to the crocodile is a green bunny.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Last day at home

As you can see, I have been doing some crochet while I was at home. Today is my last day, tomorrow I will go back to work. I have been resting a lot so everything should be OK. Today the boys went to their day care mum and played outside because it is a gorgeous day today, really warm, cormparing to the last couple of weeks. It was so nice that we stopped for icecream on our way back home.
And as you can see, the weather was so nice that the first laundry was dried outside.