Saturday, May 31, 2014

Beach party

Friends of ours gave a birthday party for their kids on the beach, so we were invited and spent a wonderful afternoon at the beach. We weer there early so we could lunch on the beach. The kids had a swim... OK, it is beyond me who they stand the temperature of the water? But the swam and in the afternoon we had the party. Great idea.

Sunday, May 25, 2014


12 years ago, we got married... Who would have thought... :-)
So yesterday we had a nice diner with friends and today we spent theday at school, where they had a party to raise money for the school. We had a nice time, the weather was nice and the kids had a great time.


Monday, May 12, 2014


Gridlock: A state of severe road congestion arising when continuous queues of vehicles block an entire network of intersecting streets, bringing traffic in all directions to a complete standstill; a traffic jam of this kind.

Well, I can guess you can call this gridlock. An accident with a truck (which lost his load of gravel...)happened earlier this afternoon and the whole of Antwerp came to a stand still. The truck blocked all 4 lanes and so everybody tries to find alternative routes, which is why the harbor is also stuck, at this moment, 3 hours after the accident there is still a delay of 50 minutes if you want to leave the harbor...

Sunday, May 11, 2014


This weekend we had son#2 Lentefeest. So we invited some au pairs over and we had a wonderful diner on Fridaynight with all of them in a delicious chinese restaurant (DK) here in Antwerp.

Saturday was the big day and we celebrated son #2 Lentefeest. The weather was really bad, so we had some tents to keep everybody dry, cancelled the inflatable jump castle, etc. But it was a great party, the food was really nice, the cake big enough and the company fine = great party.

Three of our au pairs together, we consider them the daughter we dont have. It was a great reunion.

And this is all of us together:

Today the biggest Lock in the world was open for the public. The Deuganckdoklock will be the biggest in the world and it is in ANtwerp. So we had to visit it with the boys as it was an unique opportunity.

Once you were down on the bottom of the lock, it is quite impressive.

And now, the guest have left, and we are sitting on the couch enjoying some,peace and quite.
It was a great weekend.

Sunday, May 04, 2014

Lazy weekend

We had a long weekend in Belgium, due to a public holiday, so we used it to get some Household chores done. The kids cleaned up their playroom. Since I had time I made a meat pie, as the meat needs to be slowly cooked, I only make it when I have time. But what happened? The crust shrunk... It never happend before, strange, but it still tasted delicious.

The weekend also allowed me to finish my first fire fighter helmet (with badge)... 4 more to go. I crochet the hats, but I was still thinking on how to make the badges. But I think they worked out alright.

2 will have fire chief, two fire fighter, and one probie... I really like them, they worked out alright.
And while I ma writing here in my blog, hubbie is playing the piano, it has been ages, but I sure sounds domestic... :-)