Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Yet another swap

I have signed in for the swap at Mee crafty. It is a kids swap, no the kids will not swap, we will swap for them, let´s not spoil teh fun in swapping. It sounds like great fun, and the deadline is far enough so I should have no problem meeting the send date, even if it is near my due date, I will have something to do during my week maternity leave...
Thanks Chloe for organizing yet another great swap.

Monday, June 23, 2008

No pictures

For some reason, my computer refuses to recognise my SD card... So I tokk some pics this weekend of my WIP, but I can´t show it to you.

It has been a productive weekend. I have almost finished the little boy doll for my son´s teacher which he can give at the end of the schoolyear, 4 days away.
I started my ´Dutch´ quilt, I have finished half of the top, so that is going well. I also crocheted some small matroyska dolls, so it was a productive weekend.

This is my last week at work. Thursday is my last workingday before my maternity leave. I have an appointment on July 2nd and then we will hear the exact due date since the gyno wants to induce labou two weeks early. But since my regular gyno is on holiday by then, I will meet this replacement on the second. I will keep you posted.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Mystery Quilt revealed

I can finally reveal my mystery quilt. All of our friends made a block for a love quilt dat we made for Mendi, daughter of friends of ours. She is in hospital with a case of TBC gone bad. She is 4 years old and loves pink as all girls do. She has been in very poor health, but is doing better and is expected to leave hospital tomorrow.
The boys and I visited her on saturday in hospital and she look much better but is still very weak, so we hope she feels a bit better underneath this lovely quilt.
I am so proud that all our friends made a block, even the ones that claim not to be creative. The back of the quilt looks like this, pink with fairies.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Finished smaller projects

We are having a lazy weekend. Niels went on a diving clinic yesterday and I stayed home with the kids. The weather was not so good, cold and cloudy, so we stayed indoors most of the time.
A perfect time to finish some smaller projects that I was doing.

I made this red and white shroom as a test. I would like to make a doorstop for the nursery with some shrooms. Next weekend I will get some green yarn so I can make a cover for the stone I am going to use.

Next was Huey the hamster. We had a huey before we had kids, but he was all tan but I think this is also a nice hamster. I will have to make him a small sleeping bag.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Russian Doll swap

I signed up for the Russian Doll swap at I'm a ginger monkey. The swap already closed but I am in, so will have to think what I will make. In as little as 4 weeks time I have time on my hands, because then my maternity leave starts and I can craft... for hopefully 3 weeks before the baby comes. We´ll see.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Buzy weekend

We definitely had a buzy weekend.
On Friday my niece got married, so we attende the wedding, I made her a wedding dottee doll as a present to go with the envelop we gave her. Since she and her husband already were living together, they didn´t really need any presents. I know the picture isn´t great but it was taken in to car on our way to the wedding.

When we arrived home at night, this presnt was waiting for me. I ordered the shoes and the matching fabric box/bag at Blij als mij . The baby shoes are just darling. We´ll see if the baby is a girl... otherwise they aill make a beautiful present for another little girl in the future. I just loved the red polka dots. Aren´t they amazing?

Saturday morning we learned that friends of ours had their first baby, a lovely girl named Suzanne. Good luck to you, Martin en Arina.

On Saturday we also went to the birthday party of Julian, the son of friends of ours turned 2 and had a party, so we drove to Holland to visit him. We had some great ´kibbelingen´ small pieces of fish deepfried. They are great, even our children like them.

And today, I drove my eldest son to grandpa and grandma, because there is a circus in town and they went with him. He was delighted and told us, he even touched a real snake. I did some little household jobs around the house, bought paint for the nursery, etc.

And now I will go and have do some quilting. Have nice evening.