Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Arrived !

My doll quilt arrived! My hubby was working on our driveway when the postman arrived with my parcel. OK, hubby had to pay 12 dollars to get the package, because of taxes that where due on the package. Here in Europe you have to pay taxes on all parcels above 22 dollars. So he placed the package on the stairs so it would be the first thing I would see when I came home.

So when I entered, the package was awaiting me. And the quilt inside is just wonderful! It is so amazing, thank you very much Melissa. I think the quilt is gorgeous and the label so nice... It will get a special place in my collection of quilts.

The book you gave is also very welcome, since my boys are used to be read in enlish to them. I used to read the Harry Potter books to them in English.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Doll quilt II swap

This is a sneek preview of the doll quilt I made for the Doll quilt II swap. It is the label of the quilt. Once my swap partner has the quilt in her possession I will post a picture of the front of the quilt.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Good hairday

Yes, In my opion I have a great hairday. After months of wearing long hair, I finally decided to have it cut. So I went to the hairdresser today and now I am the proud owner of short hair. It makes me fell much better and I think it looks great. For some reason it always does when I come from the hairdresser. This moment lasts until I wash and dry it myself...

But for now I am very content.

Today was a very hot day here in ANtwerp so we went to ´het boerenijsje´ which is a ice cream parlor at a cow farm. They have the best icecream and a nice playground, so for our kids they are the best in town.

Saturday, July 07, 2007


Peter received a Tiloer outfit from his Godmother so we made some pics of the outfit. Doesn¶t he look great.

We have had some trouble over here with our internet connection. On Wednesday they came to dig out the garden in front of the garden. We marked all the places, we knew, where there were cables located, the guy with the bulldozer was very carful and still he broke all the cables on the second dig...
So we were without TV, telephone, internet for three days. Well I will be honest, I can´t imagine live without all these facilities, you can´t do anything, you can´t pay bills, read email, etc.
Luckily yetsrdayafternoon a guy from teh cablecompany arrived and fixed everything, after I rewired the whole system myself. He just had to make the connections, but since yesterdyaafternoon, we are back on the digital highway, pooh!