Sunday, January 30, 2011

Gogo army

This morning when I got up, this gogo army was awaiting me on the window sill. I wondered where they all went, but now I know, they are on the move and planning a hostile take-over... :-)

Saturday, January 29, 2011


I made this little robin from a pattern that I bought from the Paper shed. This australian etsy store has cute bird patterns. And as we have a lot of robins in our garden, I think this is a great pattern. We gave this one to son #1´s godmother, because she had her birthday.
But son #2 also wants one for his room, so we will have a go in perfecting this little bird.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Jedi robe

Last saturday, a Star wars movies was on television, so while I had diner with my friends, DH and sons were watching Star wars. So now the boys want to dress up as one of the characters. last year they went as darth vader to carnaval. So this year we need to try something new.

I was lloking for jedi robes, and found a dutch store that sells them, but they are a bit expensive... So I found a tutorial on the net and I think I will ask my mum and a friend to help me make some robes.
For the smallest one I will try to make a R2D2 costume like this:

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Netbook sleeve

I asked a netbook for my birthday which is coming up soon and I have been looking for a nice sleeve for this notebook. And I stumbled on this one at Hoobygroovy. I think it is a cute one and I like to play Mario bros. so this could be the one.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Our family is complete again

Our au-pair arrived back home yesterday after visiting her family for the holidays. She bought us this lovely ´matroushka´ chicken doll.
And look what is inside....
And if that is not cute enough...

In the eggs are little chicks. I think this is the cutest ´matroushka´ doll I have ever seen.
She also brought us a little wooden bird to bring happiness but I couldn´t take a pic, because son # 1 wanted it in his room, son #2 took the wooden comb she bought me. Lidia also brought some nice jams and some herbal spirit which they use in Russia when you are sick, so we will try it later.
And the best present of all is that the kids are very happy that she is back.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Back home

Yes, we are back from a week skiing in Austria. Ithas been a new experience for us to go on holiday during a schoolholiday. Normally we always went outside the schoolholidays, so this was the first year we had to comply with schoolholidays, and it has been an eye-opener.
I have nver seen so many kids gathering for ski-lessons and I have never had to cue so long for a gondola.
But nevertheless, it was a great holiday with snow, fun and good austrian food, such as heisse Leberkase, apfelstrudel, kaisersmarren, etc.
The kids really emjoyed their skilessons so we had to book two days extra, a first... so chapeau to the teachers at Neukirchen skischool.
As I don´t ski, I took my roddle for a spin and came down from the top at Bramberg, it is a 14 km long roddletrail, but the snow was not good, there were a lot of people on the trail, and in the shadow the trail was one big iceslope, so not very good to do with the kids. last year I took the boys there, but this year we did a smaller trail, only 5,5 km long, but since there no people on it, Nic could ski and we came down on roddle.

I know it is one of the most dangerous wintersports, but I really like it. And as you can see, so does hubby.

So now we're back home and I am doing some washing and ironing on my last free day of this holiday. Can´t wait to go agian, but that will be next year at the earliest...