Monday, July 27, 2015

A day in the life...

Well, life has picked up again. The weather is not so good the last couple of days. One of our trees did not survive the storm. It was torn in half... So it will probably not survive. We will see.
Today I picked the boys up from Golf camp and while I was cooking, this was the sight in the kitchen...
Our two chickens came to see in the kitchen what was for dinner. As they already got their food, they engorged themselves in Bobbies food.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


So we left very early this year. ALmost immediately after the boys had their summerholiday. 
Greece was what we expected, hot, but much more so than we expected in July. No money... Most ATMs didnt work and there were long lines at the banks, but we were expecting that, so it was OK.
They boys had a great time, swimming, snorkling, annoying oneanother... even to get back on board...
This year we had a whole menagerie of blow  up animals... I bought new ones, never realizing the onces we bought last year where still on he boat...

Home away from home... The Midnight stroller.

This year we had a selfiestick with us. It was used on all occasions on the boat. But it gave us some great new angles.

DH on the helm...

Family pic.

Son #1 found some fish skull... This was not even the biggest one he found, he found 2 more that were bigger. SO I am wondering what is swimming underneath us if we are snorkling...

This year I also invested in an underwater camera. Last year we had the disposabe ones and the development cost the same as the camera, so we had great fun with the camera, although only close ups are in focus.

 I swam in this school of fish, they circled the boat. The photo doesnt do the experience justice. It was so great to swim with the fish and they stayed with you.

Son #3 also swam very well and also his snorkling improved dramatically.

And yes, now he also dares jumping from the boat.
And of course his 7th birthday, which we celebrated with cake and dinner in a local harbor. We had to hunt down the Island to find some vanilla cake, but we managed.

The jumping of things must be in he boys, all I do is checking if it is deep enough to jump into the water as we had a bad experience in the family wiith jumping in to shallow water. 

We could snorkle into some caves, It was kind of eerie, not my kind of thing, but the boys loved it. Afterwards, we rented a boat and checked out some caves with the boat.

And all good things come to an end. The holiday is over and we are back home where the temperatures are a lot lower, but also nice...

We had our portions of frozen yoghurt with honey and nuts, greek coffee, fredo cappucino, fried squid and other wonterful things. Yet another great holiday.