Sunday, September 29, 2013

NYC - Day 8 and being back home

On our last day, we visited Time Square in the morning and saw this billboard. It is something that strikes us, as our FD is not considered heros as they are in the States and espcially in NYC. I guess it has to do with the job these guys did during 9/11, but maybe it is just the uniforms ;-)

We had Cheesecake at Juniors, and offcourse I had my favorite, red velvet cheesecake... It was delicious, this and a cup of coffee... you can wake me up for tis combination.

And then it was time to go home...
We arrived back home on Saturday at noon. The kids were very glad to see us, and even more the presents we had with us...
Great trip, good company, seen a lot, eating more and very good, weather was excellent. What else could we have asked for?

Friday, September 27, 2013

NYC - day 7

Today our last full day in NYC. We decided to visit the Met, and by doing so, we found out that we could go to he roof and have a spectacular view of the park and downtown.

By the time we left, t was way past lunch, so we had some hotdogs and nachos from one of the stalls in front of the Met, run by veterans.

I was impressed by the collection, but especially by the Tifanny pieces.

Afterwards we went to Times Square to Toys R us. Where I took a picture of this Skylander for the boys.

And tonight we went to Rosa Mexicano from some delicious guacamole, and delicious it was...

So This is it, we celebrated our last night with pomegrate Magaritas. It was a great holiday.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

NYC - day 6

This morning we had a walk over the Brooklyn Bridge. A and K were heading towards Coney Island, and E and I were going to a yarn cafe in Brooklyn. It turned out that there was nothing??? so, E and I went back to Manhattan.

Specacular view of Manhattan.
Afterwards, we had lunch in Soho and did some little bit of shopping, hum...

We had diner in Chinatown, and then took a taxi back to the appartment, so we had some spectacular views of the city at nighttime.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

NYC - day 5

This morning we took a trip to the MoMa. Wow, much nicer than Guggenheim, wonderful collection, a lot of paintings I have leaarned about in school, but turned out the be hanging in NY.

After the MoMa, I returned home to Skype with the boys and A and K went for a walk along The High Line.

In the afternoon, we had reservations for the Russian Tea Room. I thought the blinis with caviar were sublime. Had a great time having High Tea with the girls. And I know now for a fact, Red velvet cake is wonderful.

After the Russian Tea Room, we went back to the appartment, and a drink at the local wine bar. Again, a wonderful dayin NYC.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

NYC - day 4

So day 4 in NYC, our feet are still doing fine, so we  planned on going to Ellis Island, but due to Hurricane Sandy we ended up at Liberty Island.

They view of Manhattan downtown is spectacular from Liberty Island and the Statue of Liberty was great to see up close.

After lunch, we walked through Wall Street towards Soho to due some more shopping. E. wanted to go home, so we got her a taxi and we continued to the Empire State Building.

I must admit, I saw the enterence in White Collar, but in real life, the enterance is spectacular. I love Art Deco and this is a wonderful example of that era. Luckily it was not busy, so we didnt have to cue to get up to the 86th floor.

The view is fantastic.

Afterwards, we had diner in Little Italy at Fiat 500, a small restaurant with great pasta.

Monday, September 23, 2013

NYC - Day 3

Today we visited the Museum of Natural History, and after a lot of skeletons and animals, made our way over to Central Park and Bloomingdales to do some shopping.

We also visited FAO Schwarz and offcourse I had to take a picture of the Lego storm trooper for my boys.

K wanted to visit Central Park, but the rest of us taught we had been walking enough, so we took a carriage ride through Central Park and discovered that the Zoo has no lions, so helas, no Alex the lion...

And before grabbing some diner, we stilled our hunger for boys at Abercrombie. But the girls didnt want to go on the picture with the guy, sojust the guy...

Sunday, September 22, 2013

NYC - day 2

So, this morning we got out of bed early and took off to the Guggenheim. When we arrived there were lines of waiting people so we decided to have a walk in Central Park and when it started to rain , we quickly grabbed a cup of coffee in some cafe.
After a while, because we had a nice talk with a local lady, we visited the Guggenheim, but we were all a bit dissapointed, as there were not many paintings around???

Afterwards we watched a parade to to celebrate the German-American connection and walked towards Grand Central Station. We believe that we have a nice station In Antwerp (and it is!) but Grand Central is also a very nice station to visit.

Then, we had lunch, saw all sorts of landmarks and had diner. A long day with more walking than we anticipated, but we saw a lot.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

NY, here we are!

After a mere 12 hours travelling, we arrived in the USA... It took us less than an hours to clear customs and the border control and then we stepped into a nice Sunny Indian summer.

NYC was more busy than expected, but hey... it was 5.30 when we got out of Penn station into the NY Streets and we were not alone...

And after a mere 20 minutes in a yellow cab we arrived at our appartment. Great place, spacious , wow...

Thursday, September 05, 2013


So my WIP is finished, and here she is Aquamare, She turned out beautiful. She was made of a Heidi Bears pattern.

Monday, September 02, 2013

Back to school

Yes! The boys are back to school. It has been a great summerholiday, but I am glad school started again. OK, making sandwiches and stuff in the morning is not so fun, but I am glad we are getting back in some sort of normalcy.

Sunday, September 01, 2013

Birthday party son #3

Son #3 has his birthday in the summer school vacation, so we celebrated his birthday today for his classmates.
We did it in Jobland, as it is probably the last time we can celebrate it overthere as they are getting to big. But the people over there do a wonderful job in entertaining the kids.

So a lot of songs and dances, pancakes and hotdogs, candy and presents = a great birthday party.