Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Back from hospital

Well, I am back from hospital after having minor surgery (even then under complete anaestectic, is this correctly spelled?) yesterday. It was completely by surprise, because I went to have a bump checked out on monday and they said they would operate the next morning, so, not much time to think about it. It turned out the be a blocked glan, so the drained it and made a new exit and everythig is back to normal, ouff...
So I am back home on the couch and doing some crochet, and watching reruns of ER.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Early Easter Brunch

This morning we had an early Easter Brunch from DH´s work. This time not in the office but at a restaurant. Great food, the kids were taken care off because there wereindoor games, so a nice brunch. This is the lood they brought home, so enough chocolate for a few weeks...
And offcourse the egg hunt, but son #1 gave some of his to a smaller boy, luckily, how many hard boiled eggs can you eat?
This cake I made yesterday for my FIL who also had his birthday, a very nice pineapple cake, yummy.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Son #2 = 4!

This is us, 4 years ago. Wow, I can´t believe they grow up so fast. There he was happy with his pacifier, now he is sitting in the couch with his new NDS, playing mario or something.
And this is son #2 yesterday, we asked to celebrate his birthday on friday since that is a relaxed day. He also wanted cupcakes for the class, so...

And as I am typing this I am waiting for the oven, where there are more cupcakes... For his party later this morning. Happy Birthday from us!

PS I know it says friday in the header, but for us it is already Saturday morning March 27th.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Keeping busy

It was a very busy week with training, work and other stuff, so I enjoined a bit of free time with only son #3 and my quilting project. I can´t show you too much since it is a babyquilt for my BIL and his wife, and it is a surprise. My SIL chose the colors and now I am almost finished with quilting. This morning son #3 and I went on a quest for red fabric while the two other boys were in school.
After that a little surprise for my dad since it is father´s day here in Antwerp. So we bought some of his favourite chocolates.
I also tried something new, a beef stew pie, and it was very nice. It smelled terrific and it tasted very yummy, so this is a recipy I should keep.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Birthday son #1

This is son #1 six years ago... We arrived home at 2.30 in the morning. Nic was born at 12.10 and around 2 o´clock in the morning we were released from hospital and on our way home with our first son... Little did we know.

And this is him now. He asked for cupcakes for his class so I made a whole bunch of them and they were all gone, so I think everybody liked them.

I think he had a wonderful day yesterday, he asked for french fries and chicken nuggets for diner. Afterwards, we had strawberry cake, and the best part... The nintendo he got for his birthday. :-)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Today I followed a course how to make an Old American square and a little matching flower. I can crochet in circles but I am not good in reading patterns, so I followed this course and I must say, now the symbols make sense...
I finished two blocks, one with and one without the flower and it is quite easy and fun to make, so I am glad I took the course.
In the afternoon I rushed home, because son #1 has his birthday tomorrow, so the kids party was today. 12 children in total and they ate a lot of cupcakes and poffertjes (a dutch small pancake), so after an afternoon full of play and party, the boysare off to bed with all the presents.
Wait until he sees what we bought him...

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Finished my WIP

I finally finished my WIP. I wanted to make this before we went on our skiholiday...But I finally finished it, so now I have to incorporate it into a red/white quilt I want to make for our future skiholidays.
Finally the sun shines in the weekend as well. The sun is shining bright, so we went to the park with the kids and had a cup of cacao in the park at the playgarden. Real nice to finally to be able to go outdoors without getting wet.