Tuesday, July 29, 2008

PIF present

This morning a wonderful surpise awaited me. This beautiful ´Bade dag ´ (washing day in Norwegian) mini quilt was waiting for me in my mailbox. It is from Laila in norway. Thank you very much for this wonderful little quilt and the cute socks for Ruben. Since he has very cold feet, they will come in handy.

Update on Ruben, a nurse came by the house and performed a hearing test on Ruben, which was OK, so now we know that he can hear, let´s wait and see if he also can listen... But she was a bit worried about his weight. He has gained weightbut not enough so we will start with one bottle of formula at night and see if he starts gaining weight. This (gain weight) is something DH and I have never heard, LOL. Ruben had to gain at least 100 grams by next week, so we will do our best.

Monday, July 28, 2008


This weekend we went to Rijnsburg in Holland. It is a town near Katwijk, which is a small sea side town. It is not very crowded in the summer time so it is very relaxed to go to the beach in Katwijk. Some of our friends were also at the beach, so we and the kids had a great time yesterday. It was not to hot but it felt great.

We left around 5.30 pm and by the time we packed all our stuff, Nic was gone, we couldn´t find him anywhere and the beach was not very populated, so for a moment my heart made overtime, all our friends helped looking for Nic and finally he was found by the site of the road where we agreed to meet with the car... For some reason he understood that we were leaving and started the walk to the road, and both Niels and I missed that he left... It happened in less than a minute, so this was a great lesson for us.

We agreed to go to the beach today as well, but it rained, so we drove back home. When we arrived back home, I found these packages in the mailbox...

And this is what was inside. Nita, I love all your stuff, it is all so cute. My DH liked the bunny very much. Thank you very much, it is gorgeous, and I will find a nice place for it in the nursery.

Nita made Ruben a little cushion with a R, a toadstool rattler and a cute little bunny. Here they are with Ruben.
And the previous post was my 150th, and since only two persons gave a comment I will make them both a lottle something for my giveaway. Can you both please given my your snail mail addresses? You can mail me at: denheijer00(at)yahoo(dot)com.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Finished small project

Here is an update on Ruben, this is him. He is doing very well and he also eats very well, so no problems thre. he is a very nice little boy that doesn´t cry much, so mummy has time to do some crafting.

I finished this frog for Nic, he hasn´t seen it yet, since he is staying over at his grandparents in Holland.

This morning Ruben stayed at my parents since I went to the hairdresser, which was a very necessary thing, I wanted to go before the delivery, but that didn´t turn out they way I wanted, so I went now and I am very happy with my new short haircut.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

4 season quilt swap + giveaway

I promised that I would show the whole mini quilt that I made for the 4-season quilt swap as soon as my partner had received it. So I got a mail that she received my quilt so here are the pics. My inspiration was Holland since the kids where in Holland on vacation and I am making a ´dutch´ quilt for Ruben. So this is the back which has a high ´Dutch´ contents and the front which was made from different dutch fabrics, which I bought from a dutch store that specializes in traditional fabrics. To finish it, I added the little wooden shoes in the middle.

And as for the giveaway. I am almost at my 150th post, almost. I will pick a winner from the ones that comment on that 150th post. I don´t know what I will make, but I will make the lucky one something handmade. So leave your comments and who knows..., you may be a winner.

Etsy warning!

I order a lot of stuff from the etsy site and I have met wonderful sellers out their. Their work is gorgeous and they always delivered on time.
At the end of June I ordered from ´chocolatelollipop´ some bibs for my expecting baby and I have received nothing. I contacted the seller to verify whether the goods were lost in the mail or if the seller wasn´t able to go through with the sale. No answer what so ever. I since have tried to contact the seller on several occasions and ultimately filed a non-delivery to etsy.
I also contacted paypal to resolve the matter and ultimately filed a claim, which was granted yesterday in my favour, however, no money back, since the seller has no money in its account.
I now that etsy forbids to name perticular names and transactions but I think I am in my right to name this seller. I have paid money for which I have to work hard, this seller accepted my money and didn´t deliver and chooses not to reply to my messages to come to a resolution. I think this seller should banned from etsy, since I have seen that the seller continues to do this.
What do you think? Am I unfair to claim this?
Be warned...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

May I introduce to you: Ruben

Well, here he is... Peter and Nic meet their new brother Ruben for the first time. Ruben is born on wednesday afternoon at 5.39 pm and weighted 3575 g and is 51,5 cm.
Everything went very well and there were no complications, so everything is well with us. The boys were a bit dissapointed that they didn´t get a little sister, but also like their little brother.
This is Ruben on a a quilt that I made earlier and I think they are great boy colors. I also am making on with a dutch theme, red and blue to match Ruben´s nursery.
Yesterday, all the new mums on the maternity ward of the hospital got a piece of cake with the name of their baby. A very nice gesture of the hospital, espcially since they keep you on a low sugar diet in hospital.
So yesterday the doctor told us that we could go home today, but this afternoon the pediatrician thought that Ruben was to ´yellowish´ and wanted him under the lamps. SO They did a blood check, but everything was fine and we could leave hospital around 4.00 pm. So we are very glad to be back home, even though I could craft very well in hospital, but I am also very glad to be back home with my ´men´.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


It is time to give a glimps of the nursery. It is painted completely white and I added some red and white points of attention.

The boys both made a painting for the nursery so I hanged them with some red and white polka dots ribbon. Nic made a toadstool and Peter painted more abstract.

This is the crib all our chlindren slept in, so it is made ready for the wee one. And again, red and white.

The commode is white and blue but again, I added the red details. I love this red and white toadstool lamp that I bought in Antwerp, it is great. the boys also love it and it gives a nice glow at night. No regrets on that buy. The little fabric bag and shoes are form ´Blij als mij´. Check out this lady´s website, she makes lovely stuff.

So I think we are ready for the baby, will keep you all updated on the events that are coming.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

4-season quilt swap

I just realised that I haven´t given an update on my 4-season quilt swap. So here it is, this quilt was sent to my swap partner, once she lets me know that she has received it, I will post a picture of the whole quilt.

It is inspired on a dutch theme since my kids are ion holiday with their grandparents at the Dutch coast.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Finally I restored my camera connection with the computer, but now my computer has funny streaks... I don´t know what to think, it is sluggish, and sometimes refuses to go to certain websites... I think it is time for a back-up and a good clean-up.

So, what have I been up to... This week is my first week off for maternity leave. I went to hospital this morning, where I had to wait for 3,5 hours for a 30 minutes scan... But OK, this can happen. And the doctor told me that we will induce next week. No, I won´t tell when, just that it is next week. I will let you know when the baby is born.

So this first pic is the matroyshka doll I made for a swap and she should be on it´s way or maybe even already arrived at her new home.

This little doll is the doll I made for Nic´s kindergarten teacher for the end of the schoolyear. He found it looked like hime and he gave me a new assignment... Nic wants a spider man doll. Will have to think how I will make that.
These are the goodies I received from my swap partner. It is a wonderful dottee matroyska doll with baby. I love it, she looks fabulous. Thank you, Jennifer.
And these are some goodies that I bought yesterday during the sales that started here in belgium. In Belgium ´sales´ start on July 1st for all stores together, so I went to Zara Home and they had some gorgeous doorknobs, which I couldn´t resist for the nursery. I also bought a hand crocheted baby blanket in red and white and a red and whit polka dot pillowcase.