Friday, February 28, 2014

Start of the holiday

DH and I planned a day off with a nice breakfast, but it turned out that the kids also had a day off, so we reserved breakfast for all off us and decided to turn the day in a family day. We chose a small restaurant that served breakfast at the Vrijdagmarkt.
This is a market where they sell stuff that was confiscated. It is sold by bidding, and it is fun to watch the proceedings and I wanted to show DH and the kids.

Our oldest asked if he could go out and watch the proceedings... We gave him one euro if he would find something... I was convinced that they wouldnt sell to kids...
Well, look on the pic below to see what he bought with one euro...
In the bag were two pairs of rollerskates, and he is sitting on a small side table... OK, he had fun, we had a laugh, and all of that for one euro.
In the afternoon we went to see the new Lego movie and we finished the day with MacD... So the kids had a great start of their holiday.

Saturday, February 08, 2014

Happy birthday to me

Today is my birthday and I was pleasently surpised when I received breakfast in bed from the boys. We were still sleeping when the two youngest shoved a drawing in my still sleeping face and the eldest brought me breakfast: a glass of water and yoghurt with muesli.
So I learned a wise lesson, learn the boys how to make coffee and place the coffee in a place where they can reach it :-)
But as Always, it is the thought that counts and this was a very big surprise. Thanks you boys.

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

RIP Joop

Today Joop (son #2 hamster) passed away. Our au pair called me and showed me that she passed away, but she didn t dare telling the kids, so I piched her up and showed the kids.
We put her in a nice box on a soft little bed, with some food, so tomorrow DH will bury her with the boys.
RIP Joop.