Sunday, June 27, 2010

And also finished the other project

This is the little amigurimi lion I made for son #1´s teacher. I like the paws, but I don´t like the face, it does'n´t like a lion to me, but son #1 likes it, so that is the most important thing.
Summer has set in, it was around 32 degrees Celsius today, so that is summer to us.
I filled in my taxes and posted them at the tax office, two days ahead of the due date, so I thought I deserved a strawberry milkshake for that... didn´t I?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Finished one project

I made this project for son #2´ teacher. She is a great teacher and she teaches the ´Turtleclass´, so that is why I thought this would be appropriate.
It says welcome in dutch offcourse, she she can hang it on the door or something, so at the moment I am making something small for son #1´ teacher as well.
How fast this school year went... 5 more days and that is it, summerholiday... two months...

Sunday, June 20, 2010


No pictures this time, it seems that time is slipping through my fingers at the moment. School is almost over, so the kids have a lot of birthday parties to attend, school activities and we are worring how we will cope with the kids during the 2 months off, since I only have one month off... and that is very long, but I am fortunate that this is possible, so we will see how we cope.
Meanwhile I am trying to finish presents for the teachers, so busy, busy busy, and work is not helping, because it is also busy overthere. We are also remodelling the bathroom of the master bedroom.
I wonder what I will do with my free time in August... do some crocheting, cross stitching or quilting, the choice...
Hope you all had a relaxed weekend.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Do you know what gogo´s are? No, well, these little plastic creatures have taken over my house.
The boys collect them so I have to shop in certain shops that give them with a certain amount of groceries, they will beg fo them or try to get some money from their grandparents and buy them.
As you can see, a certain dutch supermarket made them also for the WK and the one where son #1 stands before is the strongest of them all, but nowhere to be found in the ones you get with your groceries. Luckily I had my camera with me when we went to the store since son #1 would have never forgiven me if I had not taken his picture in front of his favourite... Even son#3 (not yet 2 yeras old) can say gogo...
Count your blessings if you have never heard about gogos. Smile.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Lazy weekend

I entered a swap at swapbot for granny squares and these are the ones I made. One lady liked blues and the other one girly, so I hope they like the granny squares I made them.
And since the weather was so nice yesterday, we decided to have a BBQ. We invited some friends and this is what I got as a gift, a really cute crocheted tape measure... I love it and it found a new home in by sew bag.