Friday, August 29, 2008


This morning, I was almost run over by a UPS truck, since we don´t have that many houses in our neighbourhood, I wondered if it was going to deliver something at our place, but I continued driving to the grocery shop.
When I came back home there was a card that they were here to deliver a package and that nobody was home...
About an hour later, my neighbour suddenly rang the door and she accepted the package for me.
And what was inside...

This gorgeous music box. It is made by Anne-Claire Petit and it plays ´Tulips from Amsterdam´. I love it!

So thank you very much, dear colleagues, I really, really love it.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


I haven´t been online much, since we have been redecorating the kitchen. It is painted again, and some minor things have been fixed. I also bought new 'pullers' for the kitchen cabinets. Hmm, I don´t know what they are called in english...
On the right, the old red ones and on the left the new metal ones. They kitchen looks completly new. I also painted our home office, so that also looks great again.
I have been crocheting a bit, will make some pics as soon as I have some time. I have been so busy that I also neglected some promises, so to the ladies that expect something for me, I have been bad, will send out your goodies as soon as possible. Mae Culpa.

Monday, August 18, 2008


We had a prettu busy weekend. Saturday morning we drove to Rijnsburg in Holland, were there was 'corso' an annual flower parade. We watched it at an uncle of DH who lives in one of the streets were the cars pass.

This is one example of a car that is decorated with flowers. Rijnsburg lies near Aalsmeer, where the big dutch flower auction is. In Rijnsburg they also have a big flower auction called Flora. That is why they have the flower corso every year. Almost everybody in Rijnsburg is connected with the flower trade in one way or the other.

This is us, I am in the back, feeding Ruben. My PIL's and the kids are on teh front row, this is the way everybody is watching the corso.
Even local law enforcement has to participate so all the motor cops have a bouquet on theback of their motor or on top of their car.
After the corso we had some drinks with friends.

Sunday we had a baby shower for Ruben for the family. We got some wonderful gifts, so thank you everybody for coming. We had a great time and I think our guests as well. So as you can see, a busy weekend with little crafting.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

4 season summer quilt swap

This gorgeous little quilt arrived yesterday by mail. It was part of the summer swap of the 4 season quilt swap. Julie from Firefly Lane made it. she also made a nice burping cloth which always comes i h handy with a little baby. It is made of a very nice looking owl fabric.

Thank you very much Julie, great swap.

Monday, August 11, 2008


Yesterday, my friend Evelyn from Eve's little things  came to visit us with her 'kind of husband' and daughter. She made Ruben these gorgeous crocheted cars and the colors of our nursery. Aren´t they the cutest?S

She also bought him these lovely gifts of which mum is very jealous. However the stamps Evelyn bought for me, so I als got a little present. The mushroom stamps are wonderful. have to thibk what I will stamp with them.

We had a great time and went to have an icecream with the two families at a local farm that makes farmmade icecream, very delicious.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

What have I been up to

We visited the children´s farm in Brasschaat, where my parents live. As you can see, boys will be boys as both of them want to steer the old tractor.
A mum of a classmate of Nic came by for a quick baby visit. She is also a teacher at Nic´s school. Her eldest son is in Nic´s class and her youngest son will start school together with Peter next November.
She made Ruben this wonderful doll which is made from real sheeps wol, it feels really soft.
Hopefully it helps him sleep, since Ruben is awake alot at night. He seems to have problems figuring out what is day and what is night... so we are a bit sleep deprived at the moment... Hopefully he gets the hang of it real soon.

I found some time to make this little felt strawberry tart which fits nicely with the little tea set I bought just before I got Ruben, still thinking it could be a girl. But Boys can also play ´Tea´ , can´t they? We also bought a new car yesterday since DH´s car is broken and it is so old that there is not much use in getting it fixed, so we decided to buy a new one. Will let you know more when we get it.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Swap goodies

Luckily I was home when my postman rang the bel with a big parcel. This was what was inside:
A football for Peter, you can see, he loves it and didn´t want to let go, so his big brother couldn't taak it away...
These gorgeous little russian dolls, aren´t they just lovely? I love them and so did the kids, so I had to take this picture very quickly before they started playing with them. At the moment they are save indoors with my collection of russian dolls.
This boomerang for Nic, as you can see, he loves boy toys, you can´t see it on the pic, but so does his dad...
And this wonderful outfit for Ruben... OK, it is still a little big, but he will grow into it. And DH loved the color... Orange is the national dutch color...
All these goodies came from Marie at Protect the cookie. She is a wonderful lady and a great swap buddy. Thank you very much Marie. The presents were lovely.