Monday, August 30, 2010

Back home

After a relaxing holiday in Italy with nice warm weather, sea and very nice food, we are back home, safe and sound.
We left Italy on Saturday morning and went in the direction of Austria to go over the Plockenpass where we crossed the border. We let the kids hplay in a local playground and got some lunch before we went in the direction of Germany, were we spent the night in Ingolstadt, yes, the city were everybody drives an Audi... oh, offcourse, this is the city were they AUdi factory is located.
The old city, where we stayed in a gasthof is very nice and is located next to the Donau, so we had a nice walk and diner before we had a good night rest.
The next morning we left for Koblenz, where we would meet up with DH´s parents, so we had lunch together and then drove off in the direction of Holland where we had to pick up DH´ car at work and then off to our place. So we were back home around 16.30 and I have been doing laundry ever since...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What not to do in Venice and In memoriam Green little rabbit

Let´s start with the sad news that Beesie is no longer with us. Ruben lost him in Venice. We walked the whole route we took back but we couldn´t find him. So helas, he is gone...
So that brings me to #1 of things not to do in venice: take your kids favourite stuffed animal with you...
We visited Venice by taking a boat here in Sottomarina that took us straight up to Venice San Marco square.
It was still the way I remembered, but for DH and the kids it was the first time. So that is me at the Rialto bridge...
So #2 on my list, don´t visit Venice with 3 boys under 7 in Auhust when it is very busy and hot... and they don´t like historic buildings, but who does when he is 6?
#3: don´t have a drink on a terrace, even if it is a long way from San Marco square, it will free you of 30 euros for 4 drinks...

#4: don´t have pasta with meat sauce when you still want your kids to look like civilised kids...
But even with the loss of the wee rabbit and the warm weather and the kids getting tired of all the walking, Venice is a wonderful city, that we will visit again... just DH and I, :-)
Lunch was not expensice as all the webentries indicated, so that was great and it was very nice, the gelatti was marvellous and the handbags gorgeous, so I engulged myself and bought two leather handbags. Yes, I now, but I think they were both calling my name.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Update from Italy

Here is a short update from Italy. We had a good journey through Austria, although it rained and I imagined it different eating an icecream on a terras in Austria, but OK, good hotel and nice snitzels...
The next day we drove over the Plockenpass to Italy which is a bit of a challenge, especially on the Italian side. After we left the mountains, it started to rain and it didn´t stop once we arrived in Venice... So this is why we left Belgium?
Luckily this was only for one night and the rest of the days since, are sunny and bright and the temperture is going up, so nothing to complain there.

As you can see, playing in the sea and sun makes you tired.

So, the weather is perfect, the food veryyyyy nice and we' re having a great time.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

We´re off

Yes, we are off on our annual summerhoilday. No, not by boat, this pic was taken last weekend when we went sailing.
Hope you all have a great summer.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Weekend away

This weekend we visited Sprookjeswonderland in Enkhuizen, Holland. It is in the north of Holland near the Ijsselmeer. Since the weather was forcasted as rather bad, we left early and went to the park instead of siling with the kids.
The loved it, the park is very nice and also very nice for small children, the are allowed to participate in all the activities, so that was fun for th ethree boys. After lunch, it started raining and it kept raining, so we went back to the Midnight Stroller in Medemblik.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Rocket quilt top finished

Today I finished the quilt top of my rocket quilt in between painting the cabinet doors of our new bathroom. So I think it was a day wll spent. I finished the top, the doors and I tried to book us some lodging in Austria for our trip to Italy, which didn´t work out so well, since we still don´t have lodging, but OK. I will try again on tuesday when my holiday offically starts.
On Friday a belgian won the Euromillions, which was over 28 million euros... I bought a ticket, but it wasn´t me. What I would do with that kind of money...