Sunday, January 20, 2008

Back from Austria

We are back from our skitrip to Aschau in Tirol. Not much snow, no snow at all at ground level, but above 1500 meters it became better.
We tried to enroll Nic into some ski lessons, but as you can see, he didn´t like them. Especially the german speaking teachers. So we pulled him from the class as we don´t want to spoil his ´skidrive´ in the future.

He did however like the little rodeo bull they had in the restaurant where we had a pizza buffet, as did all the grownups. But they had to manage on a bigger version of this little rodeo calf.

We had a great time, but next year we would like some more snow, especially at ground level. Niels had a couple of good days of skiing, so that was OK, and we had two days of great weather (sunny) at the skihut.