Friday, February 26, 2010

New japanse stash

Today my friend Eevelyn and I went to Gent to pick up some japanse stash we ordered from this webstore Japanese Zakka
We know the owner of the store, so instead of having it send, we picked it up at her place.
We miscalculated the time it would take to get there, so by the time we arrived we just had to time to get a sandwich at Subway´s and a cup of coffee at her place.
As you can see, I am very happy with the stuff I got. The little purse I bought, because it is a nice size for my crochet hooks. And off course some reading material for myself.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Back in Belgium

Well, we are back home and an experience richer. The funeral was very nice, if you can say that of a funeral. The somgs that were sung, the flowers, everything and especially the presence of so many people that liked uncle Jan and travelled very far to come to his funeral.

Afterwards, we, this is a custom in Ghana, went to the bar next to the chapel and had a drink with all the funeral attendants in honor of Jan. As you can see, if you own a car, there are always persons that want to catch a ride, no problem, this is Africa. Yesterday we passed a school and some kids asked for a ride, before we knew it, there were 21 kids in the back of the pickup...

And DH birthday was on the same day of the funeral, so we also had a beer for his birthday, nothing fancy, but still, it was good to see old friends that travelled from Accra to Sogakope for the funeral. When DH saw the Lamborghini, he wanted a picture with it for his birthday.

Yesterday we also visited some friends at their home, which is just lovely and a wonderful garden, as you can see there was quite a bit of wind, but it was very nice to sit in the BBQ house near the river.
And yesterday when we drove to Kotoka Int. airport, we saw this truck with engine problems... It is loaded with plastic eating bags, the kind in which they put burgers, but in Ghana, the serve chicken and rice in them.
We enjoyed the privilege to go to Sogakope to attend uncle Jan´s funeral and we enjoyed the company of all our old friends over there.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Message from Africa

Just a short note to let you know that we arrived in Ghana, and are making all the arrangments for the funeral of DH´s uncle here in Sogakope.
It is 9.30 and it is 35 degrees Celsius, so a bit warm, since we left on thursday with -5 degrees Celsius.
I will try to upload some pictures when I can, but I am amazed that we managed to get an internet connection up since we are in the middel of nowhere.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Birthday party

Yesterday DH and I had our birthday party, we invited some friends to come over and celebrate. I must admit that I was spoiled and received all nice baking stuff. Two books with cakes and cupcakes recepices, a Pip bag, an oven glove from Blond, a voucher for lunch and a very nice quilting book. So I know what to do today, DH started the wood burner and I will make waffles this afternoon and since it started snowing again, we will stay indoors and make it comfortable.
I will start a cross stitch project calle Haiku, a small bird on a branch, since we will leave for Ghana coming thursday and cross stitch is something I can do in the plane.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Happy Birthday to me...

Yes, today is my birthday, again, a year older.

This morning I was suprised with some lovely drawing from the boys and a waffle maker, with a box of remix for waffles, so I could make waffles tonight after work. Because they wanted to taste some freshly made waffles.

DH also has a gift for me, but that is still a surprise and this is what I bought myself on etsy, I think it is gorgeous and that I will make better cookies with it, what do you think?

Black and white quilt

I have been working on my black and white babyquilt for our futher nephew. He is due in April, so I had to start working on it, especially since in the coming week I will be at a course abroad, so I won´t be able to do much crafting overthere.
I will put some white fabric around the blocks and some more black and white blocks as a border. I think it is a bit dark for a baby, but my SIL wanted black and white, so I am thinking of putting some red in there.
Carnaval is also on its way, so they boys have to fancy dress on wednesday and they decided to go as darth Vader, so I have to check in the movy what he exactly looks like... I already bought the mask and cape.