Thursday, June 27, 2013

Teacher gifts finished

OK, I just finsihed the teachre gifts for the boys. As tomorrow is the last day of school, there was a bit of last minute stress, but I managed.
I made three tissue box covers. These are the kinds of tissue boxes every kid brings to school in september and then they use them all year long. So I guess the covers can be useful. The bee one is offcourse for son #3 as he is, as said before, in the bee class, the funny grey guy is for son #2 as he has a male teacher and the angry birds is for son#1.

I also want to say that I am very proud of all three boys, because the brought their report cards home today and they all did their best and have passed to the next year. So well done boys, dad and I are very proud of you!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Birthday in classroom

Son #3 celebrated his 5th birthday in his class yesterday. And as you can see, he beamed as a sunshine.
He like the beecake and the presents for his class. i don´t know how it worsin other scholls, but in his school, the birthday boy/girl gives a present to the class instead of small presents for all the kids. So this way, future generations can also enjoy teh presents. we bought a book about the fire department and some cars, as that is what the teacher told us, she could use.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Beehive Cake

Tomorrow son #3 will give his birthday treat to the class as he has his birthday during the summer holiday. And as he is in the Bee class, I made a beehive cake for them. It is a regular vanilla cake as most kids in kindergarden dont like the fancy tastes and chocolate is not allowed in school.
So I think it turned out OK, even if some small parts didnt detach correctly, DH did a great job getting the stuck cake out of the cakepan.
At the moment my WIP are some projects for the school teachers as the last week of school will start tomorrow... So some last minute craft stress.

Monday, June 17, 2013


Last weekend was a not so busy weekend. On Friday I received my diploma from the classes that I took to become a Preventieadviseur niveau 2 (Safety officer). So we had a great time at the graduation party and afterwards we had a bite to eat at DK in the Van Wezenbeekstraat in Antwerp (the best Chinese restaurant in Antwerp).
On Saturday we did the usual driving around of children to various sport events, etc. and afterwards we went to have a round of midget golf. The kids always like doing that. OK, I must admit I stayed behind and had something to drink, while I was crocheting...
ANd on sunday we had a birthday party of a cousin of ours that turned 5, so big party.

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Annual Schoolparty

Today we had the annual schoolparty where all the kids show a little show and dance and the parents pay for frinks, nice foods and all sorts of games the kids could play.

Son #1 is in the bee class, so they were all little bees... The flower was also present :-)

Son #2 had a balloon dance...

And son#3 did a dance on the tunes of Footloose.

So now we are back home after a nice sunny days (after how many rainy days, this is the first nice day...), we were so lucky, last year we waited 3 hours in the pouring rain...
And the kids have half a chinese factory worth of plastic toys... But it was a nice day.