Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Gimme your stuff

What a great idea, I like to swap, so here it goes:

What I can get here in Belgium:
- Local (craft) magazines and newspapers
- chocolates and Belgium cookies, such as Jules destrooper
- lace
- handmade stuffies (look at my blog)
- let me know what your are looking for and I will see what I can get overhere

What I would like to receive:
- Cute Japanese/asian postcards/stationary
- Mini magnets and a little board to put them on (I saw these cute boards on
- Craft magazines (quilting/cross-stitching/stuffies), especially the Japanese ones like Cotton & Paint
- Handmade stuffies
- Cute fabrics and notions
- cute little stickers

- special cookie cutters

I am not interested in:
- foods


  1. i would love to swap with you. i am karen from the philippines. e-mail me at or visit my swap list at reply soon so we can settle something.

    happy swapping! -karen

  2. hello!im xinling from singapore and i would love to do a swap with email me at if you are interested.

  3. I contacted you by email.


  4. Hi Margy,

    I am Anuja, a medical student in India. I would love to swap with you... If you would too, then contact me through my blog or mail me at anujawaghela(at)gmail(dot)com.

    Best Regards,

  5. hi margy,

    my name is melissa and i'm from los angeles, california - US. i am 27 yr old crafter. i am new to gimme your stuff and would love to swap with you. this is my gimme your stuff swap list - you can browse other things i can send.

    my email is

    i hope to hear from you!

    take care,

  6. Hi!!
    I'm very interested toswap with you girl!
    I'm Audrey from France

  7. Would you like to swap with a girl from california!? i love sending colorful packages full of neat things. Im a shopoholic!

  8. Anonymous6:40 PM

    Hi! My name is Alice. I'm 19 and I'm from Italy and I live in Milan where study psycholohy.I'd like swap with you. From Italy I can send you something that you wrote in your wish-list.
    If you want swap with me you can visit my blog :
    and my swap-page :

    plese write me a mail at:

  9. Hi my name is Kit and I'm from the US (North Carolina) I am interested in swapping with you!

    View my post at:


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