Monday, February 23, 2009

The great international stash busting giveaway

Look what the mailman brought? Or actually, I picked it up at the postoffice. The package was delivered to our home on friday but i was doing grocery shopping, so there was a note that I could pick it up today at the postoffice.
When the lady came with this big box, I was still wondering what it could be, until I saw that it came from Shean (dairy of an unconscious mind).
I love the stuff she sent me. The boys loved the two toys and my personal favorite is the sock monkey... we don´t know them over here but it looks so funny.
Shean, I love everything but how did you know I collect coookie cutters? They are very hard to find overhere, espcially fun ones, so I love it and my kids will love making cookies with it.
The frog fabric will find good use in my frog quilt and the planet fabric in my planned rocket quilt. So thank yiu very much, you were very generous.


  1. I am so glad you like everything; I saw the cookie cutter at the store and thought what a wonderful gift to share with you and your family. It is just so interesting to know that you collect them and I am also glad you like the Sock Monkey they are one of my favorite toy. I am glad it arrived during your birthday month. Thank you again.


  2. yes it looks like you have some lovely goodies there!


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