Saturday, September 04, 2010


OK, who recognizes this problem?

You don´t now what these are? These are the socks that have no twin in our household. From how long you ask? Just the last 6 months...
We must have a monster in our house, no, in our washing machine that only likes one sock, so no pairs, just the ones...
Every six months I throw away such a bunch of socks desperately looking for the twin. Are we the only household this happens to?


  1. Hi, I was just passing by and I saw this post that really tickled me!
    No, yours is not the only household that does that! I have high suspicions that there is a place in our home where the socks hide. We have many lacking their twin... So I guess it happens everywhere ;)

  2. I have heard that they turn into coat hangers.

  3. Hi !!!! I thought I was the only one , glad to know it happens elsewhere too :)


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