Monday, January 10, 2011

Back home

Yes, we are back from a week skiing in Austria. Ithas been a new experience for us to go on holiday during a schoolholiday. Normally we always went outside the schoolholidays, so this was the first year we had to comply with schoolholidays, and it has been an eye-opener.
I have nver seen so many kids gathering for ski-lessons and I have never had to cue so long for a gondola.
But nevertheless, it was a great holiday with snow, fun and good austrian food, such as heisse Leberkase, apfelstrudel, kaisersmarren, etc.
The kids really emjoyed their skilessons so we had to book two days extra, a first... so chapeau to the teachers at Neukirchen skischool.
As I don´t ski, I took my roddle for a spin and came down from the top at Bramberg, it is a 14 km long roddletrail, but the snow was not good, there were a lot of people on the trail, and in the shadow the trail was one big iceslope, so not very good to do with the kids. last year I took the boys there, but this year we did a smaller trail, only 5,5 km long, but since there no people on it, Nic could ski and we came down on roddle.

I know it is one of the most dangerous wintersports, but I really like it. And as you can see, so does hubby.

So now we're back home and I am doing some washing and ironing on my last free day of this holiday. Can´t wait to go agian, but that will be next year at the earliest...

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