Sunday, February 20, 2011


The boys want to dress up as jedi for carnaval, so I asked my mum today to help memake some jedi robes. I found this tutorial on the web for a jedi robe and it seemed not so difficult. So mum drew the robes on teh fabric and I cut and sewed them back together and this is the result:
Not so bad I think. I have to make them a bit shorter, but that is not so difficult. I am very pleased with the result and so and DH and the boys. So the next goal is to make a small robe and green ears for son #3.
And DH was also happy with his birthday gift from the boys which was a new star wars game for his PS2. And very proud of his own jedi´s. Shall I make him a darth vader costume so he can pick the up from school?

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  1. What smashing outfits! The boys look delighted with them too :o)


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