Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Every week when I walk to my education center where I have school one day a week, I pass a very small art gallery. I noticed it when I saw this painting. I first thought it was a picture, but when I came closer I saw that it was a painting of a scene I pass every by car when I drive to work. It is the Candico sugar factory where they make sugar and pancake syrup.
A week later, this painting was staninding in the window of the gallery:

It is the bridge I pass every day to work. OK, at the moment it doesn´t look like this because the part we are now looking at is broken and all traffic has to cross on the bridge on the right.
The painter is called Dimirti Desiron and I must admit I like the simplicity of the subjects. The paintings are so recognizable, wow... I would love a painting like that.

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