Monday, June 13, 2011


Yesterdaymorning we went to Planckendaal, a large zoo in Mechelen. As you can see, the kids had a great time.

Ealier that morning a bird flew into the window, nothing new at our place close to a lot of trees, but it happened three times so I had a look and so a young bird. I picked it up to show the kids and then released it in the back garden where I saw a sibling sitting near our back door. That one was smaller and not in such a good shape.

When we returned home in the afternoon, my DH called me and showed me one of the chicks sitting on one of our window sills, as you can see on the pic. His mum and dad were close because I could hear them. But where was the other chick.
I found it, but as I feared it that morning, I got in our pond and it didnt drown but I think it died because it was to exhausted trying to get back out of the slippery banks of the pond. I hope mum and dad will take good care of this chick.
P.S. I dont know the name in english, is it a Jay bird. We call it a Vlaamse Gaai.

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