Monday, February 27, 2012

Farmer market

Yesterday morning we went to the farmer market in Herentals. And this cute little fellow was sitting next to an elderly man that sold rabbits. As we promised our au pair a rabbit at the end of her term with our family, this was a nice moment to buy her a nice female rabbit.
We had a delicious breakfast at the market at a Marrokan stand, as you can see. Bought some yummy things for the afternoon.
Then we had coffee in an old public bus, that was transformed into a café, great place, nice service, yummy chococcino...
Then... up to Lier where the Zimmertoren is, it is a tower built more than a hunderd years ago with a big clock that runs almost as accurate at the atomic clock. It is a very nicely decorated clock, only not now... it is closed for renovation, so there was nothing to see. So only a pic at a small statue of the tower.
And finally, here she is... DAS Konijn, as we baptised her. Officially she has another name, but we like. DAS Konijn.

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