Sunday, December 02, 2012


Yesterday evening we celebrated Sinterklaas at my PIL. They invited all of DH s cousins and their kids, so it was a fun family gathering. As you can see, grandpa is grandpa even to our cousins.

For people that dont know who Sinterklaas is, check out this site. It is a bit early, but as the 5th of December is during the week, we cant come to Holland, so Sinterklaas wass willing to come eralier for our kids and their cousins.

As you can see, the boys were fairly confident that everything would be OK, which was different than last year when they were quite nervous...

And offcourse our Sinterklaas is quite the showman, so he asked for a grouppic.

At night we celebrated with only the adults and son #1 was allowed for the first time to participate. We played the Sinterklaas game, a game were you all start with two presents, but you have to trade, exchange or give away presents, fun game and I was spoiled... got the CD of Fifty shades of Grey, so I did very well, considering that DH got a pack of womens magazines... Oh well, good for me, I will take them with me of ski holiday.

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