Sunday, March 02, 2014


Today we were going to bring son #3 to my PIL, but I decided it would be fun to first visit a museum, so we visited Museon in The Hague. It is sort of a general museum, with all sorts of displays, dinos, human body, sience, nature, etc. And it is very interactive for kids, very handson, so the boys like that sort of museums.

The boys were allowed to take part in a workshop to make a disco robot.  OK, our youngest needed some help, but they all enjoyed it.

The guy that explained everything did it very well and the boys listened, so it all worked out well and they all went jome with a working discobot.

OK, this way it doesnt look like much, but the disk was attached to the brush and when you turn the bot on, it dances on the brush and it has lights...

And here it is, OK, it was to fast to capture on pic, but it looked great. My only though now is... what will they hack next?

And we received news tonight that son # 3 lost his last front tooth...Well lost... he hit it against his toy truck...

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