Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter weekend

This Easter weekend, we were invited by son #1 godmother to spent the weekend in Germany. We stayed in a hotel with the whoel family and we did some great stuff. She made the weekend all about the boys and we all had a great time. We visited the Eiffel aPark, a park with wild domestic animals. So we first went to feed the bears... Luckily they are 5 meters below you...

Then we took the free fall slide... Well the boys and I did, but my dad (74) also wanted to ride it... Well, I guess his face tells you enough, LOL.

This is a picture when you stand on top of it, it doesnt really look intimidating, but I must admit, it also pull a scream from my troat... :-)

Then we took the roddle bahn to the top of the park and rode it back down. Absolutely great fun. We did it endlessly until the boys asked us to do something else.

We also saw all sorts of domestic wild anlimals, but the boys liked the piglets of the wild boars. We fed them our easter eggs, I never was a fan of hard boiled eggs... now they had a good purpose.

And this afternoon, we arrived back home, we had a lazy afternoon with off course Easter cake...

Fun long weekend... We really had a great time.

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