Sunday, June 22, 2014

Cake cones

Yesterday, son #2 was taken to the bike shop by his godmother. She and his godfather were bying him a bicycle for his Lentefeest (communion for lapsed Catholics) :-)
He chose a white mountain bike typed bike, really nice and he was soooo happy. When we arrived home, he jumped on it to have a go with is brothers, only to return crying :-), he apparently fell off the bike... But he went back on it and biked until it was 9.30 pm and he had to go to bed. great success, thank you very much.

Tomorrow, son # 3 will celebrate his birthday in his class, because he has his birthday in July and school is already out, so tomorrow is his day at school.
He wanted cake cones, so I did my best, I guess they turned out alright...

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