Saturday, July 19, 2014


We are back from our summer holiday in Greece, we went sailing with DHs parents, whom have a sailboat. As you can see, the weather was great.

Last year we saw Dolphins, but this year thay really came close to the boat, and they were big... Much bigger than I ever thought .

We rented a car and discovered Corfu and found some really nice places, beaches.

And offcourse son #3 turned six during the holiday. He wanted a cake, so we went to local bakery, but they didnt have any, so we went to search for a plain cake... And we found some. So he had a great birthday on the boat.

In one of the harbors, there was a cat family, mum with three kittens. They were really hungry, so after feeding the table scraps, son # 1 went fishing for the kittens and he caught 23 fishes... Those by the time we left the next morning, the kittens and mum were well fed.

We had great weather, but on our way back from the Mainland to Corfu, we encountered a storm, so it was quite the trip back.

But all well, that ends well, so we had a great day at the swimming pool on our last day in Greece. Great holiday, sun, sea, great food, we had a wonderful time.

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