Sunday, January 04, 2015

Back home

Well,re back home, safe and sound, and after a day like yesterday, that is almost a miracle. It was almost gridlocked around the big German cities, it snowed and there was a lot of black ice on the roads, lots of accidents, traffic jams, so it took us fourteen hours to get back home.
And it all started so well, we had a nice breakfast and were on our way.

We even passed Munchen without much problems, even though there was more than 154 minutes more needed around Munchen according to our sat nav. so we passed the Allianz Arena without any problems.

Our friends left us once we passed Munchen and were on their own.

But around Wurzburg, the weather turned and it started snowing, and when I stazrted driving, the most was 80 km/h, due to the ice and snow, but it all worked out and we are back.

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