Sunday, February 22, 2015


Yesterday, we went to the beach in Katwijk. The weather was OK, lots of wind and very cold, but a good moment for the kids to lose some energy. In the background you can see the rain above Scheveningen.

I think the skies were gorgeous yesterday. They are the skies I imagine painters would like to paint. If I could paint, I would paint them, they are just gorgeous.

Today, when we drove back home, hubbie decided to stop at the new attraction in Rotterdam, the markthal.
Have to admit, there is atmosphere. We had some lunch inside, enjoyed all the stalls and we know now why they call it the Sistine Chapel of Holland... ;-)

The ceiling is brithly painted with foods, and it really looks good. It gives the place a certain look, that fits with the market underneath.
Outside, we had sme coffee with poffertjes, good old fashion ones baked on a big plate, with butter and lots and lots of sugar, yummm!

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