Tuesday, May 05, 2015


So last week, we left for the wedding of our au pair Marie.

In Berlin was a temporary exhibition of Amplemännchen, so the kids liked it.
While walking to The Branderburger Toren, we met our au pair s future husband, who came out for lunch with us, while his bride had to work.

In the afternoon, we visited Lego Discovery Center in the Sony building.

Even I was impressed about the built lego statues inside. Great place to visit, but you can only visit the center with kids.

DH had to have his picture taken with Star Wars lego, of course...

Unter den Linden... really under... eating an ice cream as it was very hot during the weekend.

And then the big day... The wedding:


The bride and groom were gorgeous, and we had a fantastic day. The location was great, the food was great, everything was perfect.
Last day in Berlin, we took the bike taxi from Unter den Lidnen to Check Point Charlie with a stop at the piece of wall were there are chewing gums stuck. The boys wanted to stick one of them themselves.

We went to the panorama deck at the Raddisson Hotel, great view, fastest elevator in Europe, the boys were inpressed.

 We then took the double decker bus back to the underground, to go back to the car and leave back for home.

but not before I bought myself some donuts. As we cant buy them here in Belgium.

And was this a sign about the weekend, when we drove back home, we saw two rainbows over eachother.

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