Sunday, July 24, 2016


So we are back home. Public Wifi is not that great in Greece that I could post during our holiday, so here is a summary.
As Always, son #3 had his birthday during our holiday. I took him for breakfast at the local bakery while they decorated the boat and prepared the cake.

Went in search of a boat wreckage that was supposed to be on Zakyntos, and we found it. Great day with a rented small boat. We visited the blue caves and the wreckage.

Zakyntos is famous for its turtles, but we only saw them in Argostoli. They are so fun to watch and they are quiet curios.

The waves can get quit big on Myrtos beach and the boys just loved them.

Greek coffee and icecream... they are so delicious...


Yes the water is so blue, the picture doesn´t do it justice. It is almost unnatural.

This year we also saw bigger octopus. Very fun to watch and to see how strong they are.

Caves in Sami, not big, also not the most beautiful that I saw, but a relief to get into if it so hot.

And yes, most of the days there was a red flag, so no swimming...
But we had a great holiday.

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