Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Today son#1 turns 5. I made him this brooch yesterdayevening because I was inspired by Blij als mij. He was very excited about it and wanted it pinned on his uniform this morning. I also made him a nice cake to give to the kids in his class.

How I remember him being born. The bombing in madrid hadn´t taken place yet, he was born at 00.10 on the 11th. And around 02.30 we left the hospital with a crying baby (because he was cold we guess, it was freezing that night). We went home and there we were, the three of us... nobody knew yet that he was born, we thought we would call friends and family in teh morning.
We didn´t know how to make a hot water bottle for him. DH thought it would be too hot, so he put in luke warm water, but then son #1 started crying, so DH held him until the nurse rang our doorbell in the morning and explained everything.
How fast the years go... Happy Birthday !!!

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  1. happy birthday to your lovely boy!^_^


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