Sunday, June 14, 2009

Coffee swap

This morning my neighbour brought me this package... It is for the coffee swap I did with Marieke.
She gave some lovely gifts and I especially like the handmade buttons and magnets and the little fabric bag, I will put to good use. Thank you very much Marieke.
Hubbie and the kids were already looking at the chocolates, so I think I will have to defend them or take them with me to Spain. Oh well, I will share them with my family. I think it is too hot in Spain anyway.
The weather here is terrible at the moment, it is pouring, so not much fun for the kids. But great weather to quilt...

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  1. Hey Margy, I found your blog through Marieke, I love your posts, firstly because they are from Antwerp, my husband is from Antwerp, I lived there for a few years, I am Irish, we live in Ireland now. Your photos of school reminded me of when my girls went to the schools in Grote Hond straat and Fruithoflann. I love your handmade work, I do crafts too, your name is similar to mine also.Do pop by my blog sometime, I would love to have you visit. Also you mentioned the Antwerp zoo in a previous post, my friend Muriel won the competition to make the Zoo workers costumes a few months ago. I don't get to visit Antwerp enough anymore, so visiting your blog feels like a little trip there. hugs Margie.


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