Monday, June 29, 2009

Last day of school

Tomorrow is the last day of school, so it is time to finish the gifts for the teachers. Because of my business trip to Spain, a lot of time slipped through my fingers but I managed to get everything ready in time.
This is the label for the frog quilt for juf Hilde, son#1´s teacher. It was my first attempt on printing on fabric and I am impressed.
And this is the Frog quilt I made her since she is teacher in the ´frog´ class.
Next is son #2´ teacher, who teaches the chicken class, hence the chicken. The label is a drawing son #2 made for an international contest. The drawing is on the internet, so I got it overthere and printed in on fabric. Son #2 recognized his drawing immediatly, so he liked it.
I think I made some nice gifts for their teachers because I want to thank them very much for taking very good care of my sons, the both love their teachers and the goodbye tomorrow will be very hard.

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  1. Heel mooie kip zeg. Die juffen hebben vast nog nooit zo'n leuk cadeautje gehad. Ik had voor de juffen van m'n dochter (simpele)roggekussentjes gemaakt, maar nu ga ik toch blozen van schaamte als ik al jouw werk zie!


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