Monday, July 27, 2009

No luck

This weekend, I was planning on doing some craft shopping. I needed some Gutterman pink tread to finish my girly pink quilt.
I also needed some white fabric to finish a red/white quilt and some blue fabric to start my rocket quilt for Ruben. But no luck, I went to three different stores and neither had the fabric I wanted. And I forgot to look for the Gutterman tread three times... Is this getting older?

So I ended up starting some crochet. I want to try to crochet a tree like something around a cookie tin. Will show pics if I succeed.

But this morning my mum called me to tell me me she found some Spiderman cotton handkerchiefs, so I asked her to buy them and then I can make a Spiderman quilt for son #1. He asked for a Spiderman quilt for months now but Spiderman fabric is hard to find here in Belgium and The Netherlands, so this will be a start.

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