Monday, May 24, 2010

Family weekend 2010

Every two years we have a family gathering with the family of my DH. It is always on the same weekend, every second year, so there is no confusion. We all gather together at one location on friday evening and stay there until monday afternoon.
On Sunday we have a fancy dress evening with games and a lot of eating and drinking. This year´s theme was ´Dutch evening´. There is always a price for the best dressed up person, and these pictures are the result.
The first pictures is us as a dutch family from the beginning of he 20th century from the Southwest of Holland, being Zeeland.

This picture is of us again, next to DH is his aunt and uncle, dressed as a wedding couple from Drenthe and next to them are my in-laws dressed as a couple going iceskating around the second world war.
We didn´t win first price, that was won by ´SInterklaas and zwarte Piet´, but we won in the category ´best dressed family´. I didn´t know that this categoy existed so I guess it was called especially for us. We won a Delft blue coffe mug... How dutch can you get?

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