Sunday, May 30, 2010

Next family gathering

We had another family gathering (my side of the family) last week. We went to Zeeland, in the southwest of Holland). The weather was not good, cold and grey, so we spent a lot of time in all sorts of different indoor attraction parks, like Bambini, Arsenaal, Mini Mundi...
This picture was taken in Vlissingen were we visited the Arsenaal, which is a pirate theme park. The boys liked it and since son #3 petted a small shark, the day was complete.

And you never believe it, but this is teh last day, the sun is shining we are going home... So we spent the morning in Mini Mundi, a theme park for kids. Since there were almost no visitors we had our personal staff member who opened each attraction as we wanted to ride it... So this is what Michael Jackson and his family had, not much fun I must say. You can ride the attractions as long as you want since there is nobody waiting. Oh well, we are back home and the weather is horrible, again, grey and cold.

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