Monday, August 30, 2010

Back home

After a relaxing holiday in Italy with nice warm weather, sea and very nice food, we are back home, safe and sound.
We left Italy on Saturday morning and went in the direction of Austria to go over the Plockenpass where we crossed the border. We let the kids hplay in a local playground and got some lunch before we went in the direction of Germany, were we spent the night in Ingolstadt, yes, the city were everybody drives an Audi... oh, offcourse, this is the city were they AUdi factory is located.
The old city, where we stayed in a gasthof is very nice and is located next to the Donau, so we had a nice walk and diner before we had a good night rest.
The next morning we left for Koblenz, where we would meet up with DH´s parents, so we had lunch together and then drove off in the direction of Holland where we had to pick up DH´ car at work and then off to our place. So we were back home around 16.30 and I have been doing laundry ever since...

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