Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Update from Italy

Here is a short update from Italy. We had a good journey through Austria, although it rained and I imagined it different eating an icecream on a terras in Austria, but OK, good hotel and nice snitzels...
The next day we drove over the Plockenpass to Italy which is a bit of a challenge, especially on the Italian side. After we left the mountains, it started to rain and it didn´t stop once we arrived in Venice... So this is why we left Belgium?
Luckily this was only for one night and the rest of the days since, are sunny and bright and the temperture is going up, so nothing to complain there.

As you can see, playing in the sea and sun makes you tired.

So, the weather is perfect, the food veryyyyy nice and we' re having a great time.

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