Wednesday, December 08, 2010

How big should a christmas tree be?

OK, we are a bit spoiled, I admit that. Since our living room has a high ceiling we are used to big christmasn trees.
Our biggest christmas tree was 6 meters and we had to remove 1 meter, before we could get it in, but it was hugh and we loved it. It was so big that we could hardly enter the room, but that was OK. We also had to buy all the red christmas decorations the local store had to fill it, but hey... that is a small price for the fun we had with that tree.
So last friday, they boys and I went in seach for a perfect tree. The first store had ridiculous prices. The second and third store didn´t have trees and the forth had trees bu they were already packed in a net, so you could not see what was inside... They boys and I choose a tree and went home.
When we freed it from its net, a small beautiful tree emerged. See the tree on the left in the picture. It was a nice wonderful tree, but it is small (1.80 m). And we have a lot, and I mean a lot of christmas decorations left from the big tree year.
So we asked my parents to look for another tree so that it wasn´t loney :-). This afternoon they brought us the tree on the left. It is skinny, but large. So now we have two trees. The long skinny one, that reminds me of a dr. Seuss drawing, in the living room and the small one in the dining room.
Bring on Christmas!

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